Join us on MaaS Investment Fund 2:

Update July 2021:  Unfortunately we were unsuccessful with the second round of MIF 2 funding.  We congratulate those who were successful and look forward to the opportunity of cross-boundary integration with ENABLE.

April 2021: Tactran and partners are open to discussions from organisations regarding the use of the ENABLE platform to support MaaS Investment Fund 2 proposals, which would support Tactran’s commitment to integrated mobility.

We are particularly keen to discuss initiatives within the Tactran region which would support communities, organisations and users to travel sustainably, as well as external initiatives which would foster seamless interoperability between the Tactran region and other areas.  Examples of the key themes are:

    • For users to access services such as health, education and employment
    • For poorly connected communities to make the most out of existing services
    • To maximise new transport and mobility initiatives through maximising integration with existing modes

Please send a brief overview to [email protected] or [email protected] to initiate discussion.


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