Dundee & Angus College

D&A has three main campuses: two on the edge of Dundee (Kingsway and Gardyne) and one in central Arbroath. Many courses involve time with employers and evening attendance. Cost, availability, frequency and convenience of non-car modes is a specific problem for potential and current students in rural areas and/or without a car.

The College knows of many potential students who do not enrol despite interest because access is seen to be too difficult and/or costly. Also drop-out rates are higher amongst these groups.

A trigger to lack of course completion is when there are problems with a bus service (late running or full). In addition, current students limit course choice based on campus – a specific issue for those who undertake evening courses. Staff without access to a car and/or from rural areas also are less mobile in their campus location and there is anecdotal evidence of staff not pursuing career progression opportunities because of transport.

Tactran Enable will bring together real time journey planning data, booking/ticketing and the payment systems of public, active and shared mode transport operators. This will allow staff and students to make better informed choices on how they travel to the college campuses.

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